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High-Quality Skin Care Products as a Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

Top-quality skin care products like Jeunesse Instantly Ageless and Luminesce help people reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, large pores and bags under the eyes. Skin care creams, lotions, sprays and other products have different formulations. Some are quite similar, while others contain proprietary blends and higher-quality ingredients not found in most products. Instantly Ageless, for example, includes a peptide with the brand name Argireline that has effects somewhat similar to Botox injections.

Multi-Level Marketing

The Jeunesse Global products are not sold in stores but rather by individual distributors working in multi-level marketing, or MLM. Anyone is welcome to participate, and fans of the products often are the best sales representatives. They've experienced for themselves how well the products work and they're eager to share those positive results with others.

Features of Reputable Companies

A myriad of MLM opportunities are available, but some of them are more reputable than others. Participants normally aren't pressured to invest thousands of dollars right at the start, for example. They can gradually build up their business with the money they earn. They receive abundant support from their mentors and their own MLM community in the areas of marketing, sales and product promotion.

A reputable company also is transparent about the amount of money a distributor can expect to earn and how much effort is involved. A compensation portfolio can be reviewed before the person signs up.

Top-Quality Products

This particular company is recognized for using some of the best natural ingredients and most effective blends of components. People can become distributors without being required to sell anything. They get the advantage of receiving free and discounted samples, along with first access to the newest products.

The Opportunity to Earn Residual Income

One of the biggest advantages of a MLM business is the residual income that successful mentors enjoy. They receive a commission on every sale made by people they recruited. That means at some point, they can earn money regularly without having to make any sales. The sales leaders receive additional perks. They are brought along on fabulous vacations and receive bonuses from a special bonus pool. 

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